We broke new ground with the PiWi tasting last year - at the suggestion of our Swiss Falstaff colleagues Benjamin Herzog and Dominik Vombach. "There's an incredible amount going on there," said the two of them at last year's editorial meeting when they announced that they would be holding such a competition in Switzerland. Thanks to the success of the PiWi tasting last year, our ambition was awakened again this year: Because we too are getting more and better wines from Cabernet blanc, Souvignier gris and Regent on the table. And of course those with completely different names and sometimes even with breed numbers. Time to take stock!

Are called dry wines from any fungus-resistant varieties (white, rosé, red) and all currently available vintages. Cuvées between PiWis and European varieties are permitted if the PiWi share in the cuvée is at least 75 percent. Wines from all types of aging, from stainless steel to classic wooden barrels to half-pieces, tonneau and barriques, are tasted and assessed at both trophies. Likewise, mash fermentations.

We'll talk about the results of the Trophy and the winners in the magazine 5/2021 report from Falstaff Germany (publication date: 14 July 2021). As usual, all results will also be integrated into the freely accessible wine database www.falstaff.com.

Price: Participation in the trophy costs 129 euros per wine employed (plus VAT)

Registration deadline: Monday, May 21, 2021

The Sending the sample (two bottles per wine) should be up from now May 21 at the latest to the following address:

Citilager (Locker Ramp)
zH Ulrich Sautter
password PiWi Trophy
Wandalenweg 33-35
20097 Hamburg

NEW: the Falstaff service point
Registration takes place on a new platform this year

FOR registration with the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture

For the Online registration at the service point we strongly recommend the Entry via Google Chrome, which you can download for free from the Internet. Problems and display errors can occur with other browsers.

Note: In addition to the Falstaff PiWi Trophy, you can also apply for the Falstaff Riesling Kabinett Trophy Sign in. Registration for Falstaff Riesling cabinet Trophy can also be found in the service point! Participation in the trophy costs 129 euros per wine employed (plus VAT)

We look forward to your participation and are already looking forward to the results!

With best regards,

Ulrich Sautter

Falstaff editor-in-chief

and the Falstaff wine team

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