Prien, Germany, Hotel Luitpold am See

Ten women and men meet over a long weekend to take up the years of intensive work at PIWI International, but also in the regional groups, and to convert it into a strategy paper.

They are long days with intensive exchanges and sometimes controversial discussions, driven by emotions and dictated by needs that are also regionally based. It is worked on and formulated or defined point by point.

PIWI opens up a completely new dimension in viticultural development and grape production.
Where should we develop?
How do you define international and how regional?
How does PIWI communicate internationally with its members, with its groups? On the outside, but especially on the inside?
How do we deal with logo, brand, definitions, formulations?
How do we feel about new breeding methods?
How do we see the viticulture of the future?
How do we measure and communicate regionality, CO2 neutrality, naturalness?

Exciting questions that would not have been possible to answer or develop so extensively if the entire board with our secretary Gisela.Wüstinger and our member Michael Reiter from the Palatinate (formulation of the strategy paper and moderation of the exam) had not already done extensive preparatory work.
In the next few days we will edit the strategy paper and forward it to the regional groups.

A heartfelt “thank you” to everyone involved and to all hard-working and enterprising souls in the regions and countries.
I look forward to the developments in 2022 and the shared achievements.

Stay healthy
your president
Alexander Morandell

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