It is well known that Pinot noir is becoming less popular with inexperienced wine consumers due to its relatively light colour. This shortcoming is partially remedied with so-called dyer grapes. Now the fungus-resistant variety Divico is being discussed as an assemblage partner - because of the color and the olfactory potential.

Pinot noir is still the most commonly grown red wine variety in Switzerland. Their high qualitative potential is sometimes reduced by a color intensity that is judged to be rather weak. Dyer grapes such as Dakapo and Dunkelfelder are grown in Switzerland, and their wines are used in low-percentage blends to improve color. With the Divico vine developed by Agroscope and approved in 2013, which is resistant to downy and powdery mildew and gray mold, another variety is available that is suitable for this purpose. In a trial carried out on the Agroscope experimental farms in Changins and Pully, a 10 % blend of Divico with Pinot noir was compared with blends of the Dakapo and Dunkelfelder grape varieties.

Source fruit and wine growing Switzerland
Author: Jean-Laurent Spring Agroscope, Pully

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