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"The German wine nation has been dealing with the topic of PIWIs and sustainable viticulture for several years: Wine producers are also planting more and more robust grape varieties at an international level," said German Wine Queen Katrin Lang during her visit to the PIWI International Wine Challenge 2022 in Kappelrodeck-Waldulm.

The PIWI International working group has launched a competition for the first time: At the PIWI International Wine Challenge 2022, a total of over 180 wines from Germany and the surrounding wine-growing nations were entered and evaluated in five categories by a specialist jury.

To the results of the top winners

Novel grape varieties with complex aroma profiles

The tasting showed that the new grape varieties have complex aroma profiles and complement traditional grape varieties such as Burgundy or Riesling wonderfully. Grape varieties such as Souvignier Gris and Johanniter have established themselves particularly in the white wine sector. Various Cabernet grape varieties are well suited to produce fruity red wines with a balanced tannin structure.

Benefit from the pioneering work

"The wines and sparkling wines that we were able to taste and award today were made from grape varieties that were pioneered more than 30 years ago," says Katrin Lang. "We can be proud of the fact that even then we thought far ahead and we can benefit from it today."

Arousing interest in future wines among consumers

The commitment of the wine producers to live sustainable viticulture and to cultivate the vineyards in a future-oriented manner was awarded the PIWI Wine Prize. However, the wine industry still has an important task ahead of it: it is now a matter of stimulating consumers' interest in the wines of the future and showing them the advantages of fungus-resistant grape varieties. However, Katrin Lang emphasized that the award for these first-class products laid the foundation for this.

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 10-39-54 Katrin Lang visits PIWI International Wine Challenge

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