PIWIS – current status of the vineyards and significance of the individual varieties.

Text: Barbara Richter (M.Sc.), Geisenheim University; Andreas Stutz, Sabrina Stutz
Source: the german wine industry 13/2023

Eight white PIWI grape varieties (Cabernet Blanc, Calardis Blanc, Hibernal, Muscaris, Saphira, Sauvignac, Sauvitage and Souvignier Gris) were already presented in ddw 10/2022. In ddw 24/2022, a selection of red PIWI grape varieties (Cabernet Cortis, Regent, Pinotin, Cabertin, Prior, Satin Noir and We 94-26-37) was presented with profiles. The varieties were bred by different research institutes or vine breeders and have varying levels of resistance to oidium, downy mildew, botrytis, cherry vinegar fly, stem rot and frost. The aim of this article is to present the TOP 10 white and red PIWI grape varieties and briefly discuss their development. On the one hand, the overall situation in Germany is shown, and on the other hand, the situation in the individual federal states.


Evaluating the current vineyard area of PIWIs is complex. The wine-growing files of the wine-growing regions and the data from the wine-growing authorities in the regional wine regions in the north and east of Germany were used for the statistics. We have the data for 2021 and 2022.