SENSORIK Aroma profiles of wines made from PIWI grape varieties as a marketing aid and means of increasing acceptance.

Text and illustrations: Angus Price, Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki and M.Sc. Barbara Richter, Geisenheim University
Source: the german wine industry 21/2023

Wine, a symbol of sophistication, has always reflected the rich heritage of a cultural landscape dating back thousands of years and the specific environment of its origin. However, wine producers, like many other industries, face a variety of modern challenges, ranging from climate changes to evolving consumer preferences. At the center of this dynamic development are grape varieties that define the sensory properties and quality of wines. The wine-growing country of Germany is currently experiencing an increased willingness to plant PIWI grape varieties on the part of winegrowers.

This article delves deeper into the driving factors for growing PIWI grape varieties, highlights the variety-specific aromatic expressions, and examines the crucial role of aroma wheels in overcoming the communication gap between producers and consumers. By linking research with sensory science, this article aims to highlight the potential of PIWI grapes and their upcoming importance in the German wine industry.

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