February 2024

Swedish wine industry goes international

This summer, Sweden will host its own 1976-style “Paris Wine Tasting,” pitting Swedish wines against international wines. The tasting is part of the effort to promote Swedish wine [...]

PIWI varieties in Portugal

For general information:

  1. In 2021, after 35 years of constant effort, we were the first PIWI variety to finally succeed in producing a Geisenheimer breeding line after lengthy adaptation tests (selection from 38 genotypes that... [...]

Vision Mosel – a new PIWI movement...

Our vision…

We are an association of wine-growing companies from the Moselle that are involved in the cultivation and development of new, robust grape varieties.

The way…

we would like [...]

PIWI ITALIA was founded

PIWI ITALIA was officially founded on Saturday December 2, 2023 during the “I Vini Piwi a Venezia” event.

The inauguration was attended by the new president Marco Stefanini , Head of Department [...]

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