Fred Strasser

F. Strasser, Dipl Ing Agr ETHZ, organic plant teacher and M. Coray Contact:

It was only in the 1980s that science and practice recognized the importance of resistance for environmentally friendly cultivation. As a result, cross breeding and cultivation in pioneering companies increased again with special permits. Switzerland's mandatory list of grape varieties initially prevented free cultivation, which was only legitimized in 1995 by abolishing this list. Today, the goal of creating the most natural vineyard possible using resistant grape varieties is open to every Swiss winemaker. This is important for vineyards where thunderstorms and nighttime dew formations cause the infection pressure of the downy mildew to be very high and make short intervals between the frequent treatments not only necessary in organic winegrowing. This allows a high contribution to the reduction of pollution of soil, air, environment, flora, fauna, winegrowers and the climate.

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