"And there is this moment when you feel that you are in the right place at the right time" ...
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Yes, the time to express our enthusiasm for the new robust grape varieties could not be a better one! The PIWIs suddenly focus on the latest topics such as species loss, global warming, the call for more sustainable agriculture, or the search for a long-term solution to the pesticide problem!

And best of all: the wines from these robust varieties have become absolutely socially acceptable!
PIWI wines provide positive wow experiences, especially for younger consumers. And more and more restaurateurs, journalists and curious connoisseurs are discovering the associated new flavors.

Yes, we can make a lasting, positive change to the global wine scene! And the
not only because PIWI's grape production is more compatible with the CO2 and more environmentally friendly.
No, also because enjoying these new creative wines is simply fun and demands more!

With this in mind, our 9th regional group was founded at the beginning of the year: PIWI-CH
More information on this at the Regional site PIWI Switzerland
PIWI wine time March 2020
The first PIWI newspaper deserves special mention: Wein Zeit - enjoy reading.

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