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We made it! - A whole weekend with PIWI wines - tasted according to the PAR® tasting method:
terroir, manufacture, not only new varieties - new genetics.
Finally, many winemakers wanted to know: "What's special in my PIWI?"

The result is clear: They are excellent.

  • PIWIs are on par with traditional grape varieties (localy and internationally).
  • Climate change and adapted grape varieties enable top winemaking even in northern areas.
  • 20 years of rigorous work of PIWI International with its members and supporters now show the success.
  • Thanks to the cooperation of PIWI International and WINE SYSTEM - Trust your senses has once again proven its value.
  • Convince yourself; choose the wines you would like to taste and choose from the winners list.

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Cheers PIWI

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