The Freiburg State Viticulture Institute has published a new brochure on its fungus-resistant new varieties. The brochure is now available for download on the WBI website (,Lde/Startseite/Fachinfo/Pilzwiderstandsfaehige+Keltertraubensorten). The brochure is also available in English, French and Italian.

Furthermore, the WBI points out that the Souvignier Gris variety is a cross between Seyval Blanc x Zähringer. Cabernet Sauvignon and Bronner were originally assumed as parent varieties, and this information can still be found in some publications. However, a genome analysis of the seedling stock commissioned by the Freiburg State Viticulture Institute in 2019 clearly showed that the mother variety is Seyval Blanc and the father is the Zähringer variety.

Fungus-resistant grape varieties play a central role in the increasingly ecological orientation in viticulture. With the results of its resistance breeding, the Freiburg State Viticulture Institute is making a significant contribution to the protection of nature, profitability and the winegrowers in terms of sustainable vineyard management. Many of the new Freiburg breeds are also met with great interest outside of Germany and are now cultivated in over 30 countries. This makes the WBI one of the world's leading research institutions in vine breeding.


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Establishment of wines made from fungus-resistant grape varieties on the market

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