of the German Winegrowers Association regarding the new grape varieties


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German winegrowing associationtape e.V

Christian Schwoerer, Secretary General

53113 Bonn

by PIWI Ininternational                                                                                                               
Klagenfurt, den 01.09.2023

Dear sir

we from the PIWI Association have the position paper of the German Winegrowers Association with great Interested reading and would like to go to the section regarding the new grape varieties and their role take a position on the reduction of pesticides.

Appreciation of recognition: ZunäWe would like to express our appreciation for that the importance of fungal tolerant grape varieties (PIWIs) in relation to the reduction of use of pesticides in German viticulture is recognized. It is undeniable that PiWis a significant Renable the consumption of pesticides to be reduced.

Transition time & sales opportunities: We agree that the conversion time to PIWIs and the sales opportunities for PIWI wines are currently challenges. However, we see these hurdles as temporary. With continuous education and awareness raising among consumers about the benefits of PIWI wines, market acceptance can be increased. In addition to investments in marketing and education, investments in the planting of PIWI sports should also be promoted in order to overcome these hurdles.
Resistance & Sustainability: The question of the duration and sustainability of resistance
of PIWIs is entitled. However, it should be emphasized that viticulture is always subject to a continuous process of adaptation to combat pests and diseases. The advantage of PIWIs lies in their genetic diversity, which enables better adaptability compared to conventional varieties.

Necessity of plant protection: We agree that a complete waiver aon plant protection is not realistic even with PIWIs. However, it should be emphasized that the reduction of The need for plant protection products through PIWIs represents a significant relief for the environment and a positive step towards sustainability in viticulture means. The Uni in whitecultivation Campus Neustadt speaks even up to 80%.

Research & EUReduction goal: We are aware that PIWIs alone are not the solution to this EURepresent a reduction target of 50% by 2030. However, their potential role in achieving it this goal should not be underestimated. It is crucial that in addition to switching to PIWIs also promote other innovative solutions and practices in viticulture.

In summary, we would like to emphasize that PIWIs a more important Building block in the overall solution are and its meaning for the future of sustainable viticulture rapidly firstigt. We sit We continue to advocate for the acceptance and use of PIWIs in German viticulture and look forward to a constructive collaboration with the German Weinbaoverconnected.

With colleagues To greet
Alexander Morandell and the entire board

PIWI International