PIWI – the future of sustainable viticulture? Get to know about it!

The number of requests for more detailed information on pioneering grape varieties is increasing more and more!
For this reason, we decided to offer an online event via Zoom with more detailed information for USA and Canada.

As PIWI International has been connecting professionals and enthusiasts for more than 20 years, we invite you to join our webinar on the future of wine and what role PIWI grapes can play in this climate-friendly context.

Some topics we would like to focus on:

  • We will briefly introduce you to „PIWI International“
  • In general – what are the opportunities and challenges of PIWI varieties in the light of sustainable winegrowing?
  • What are the special needs and requirements for the USA and Canadian markets?
  • How can we enforce our USA & Canadian activities, in order to support present and future members?
  • Q&A Session

The Zoom event will be free of charge and open for non-members as well.
We decided to do so, to ensure that everyone who is interested can participate!

Therefore …

  • You have a colleague or friend that might be interested?
  • You know of a winery, organization or research center that are looking forward to finding our more about PIWIs?
  • You know of winelovers that put a focus on sustainability?

Please feel free to spread the word!
You are welcome to forward and share the link with anyone who might be interested!

Make sure to save your seat for April 14th at:

11:00 am EST (Eastern Standard Time)
08:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Registration ends on April 12th, 2022

We are very excited to reach out to you and connect!

If you have any questions on the event, please don’t hesitate getting in touch with us!


Member at PIWI International