Die Präsentationen und Aufzeichnungen sind für Mitglieder hinterlegt im Mitgliederbereich.

3. PIWI Summit am  Montag den 6. November um 18 Uhr – die Themen sind in Vorbereitung.

Der PIWI Summit findet wieder online und in englischer Sprache statt.

Geplante Themen:

The situation of PIWI genotypes in Portugal  with  Jorge Böhm Portugal

Maximum stomatal conductance rather than stomatal sensitivity to drought differentiates the PIWI grapevine cultivar Souvignier gris from Muscaris and Donauriesling   with Lea Linhart AT

Drittes Thema ist noch offen … folgt in Kürze.

Unser zweiter Online PIWI Summit fand statt am Dienstag den 30. Mai 2023 von 18:00 bis 20:00 Uhr (CET).

Der PIWI Summit wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten, aufgezeichnet und als Skript im Mitglieder-Bereich zur Verfügung gestellt. Hier findet ihr auch die Präsentationen vom 1. PIWI Summit.


1. Brave New Wines- The Potential of Fungus Tolerant Cultivars in the Tropics

Wolfgang Schäfer, Tropical Viticulture Consultats GmbH

  • World Wide Vineyard Acreage in the Tropics: Asia, Africa, South-America and Australia
  • PiWi are a largely unexploited way of sustainable grape production in the tropics
  • Experiences of some 10 years with 24 PiWi cultivars in Thailand
  • Vegetation Cycles of early ripenimg PiWi cultivars: 3 Season & 2 Crops per yearwww.tropical-viticulture.com

2. Beyond the wine bottle: A look into pack innovation and how to leverage it!

Christina Schwörbel-Binn, marketing consultant

The keynote presentation will provide a brief overview of packaging innovation in the wine industry and highlight opportunities to put it to work for you.

Christina Schwörbel-Binn is Marketing Professional with over 20 years of marketing and communications experience in international corporations. Self-employed since 2021, founder & managing director of Compagnie Crémant and freelance consultant for consumer-centered brand strategy and innovation across the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Based in Berlin.

compagnie cremant

Christina Schwörbel-Binn

3. About classical resistance breeding and new grape varieties

Silvia Vezzulli, Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM), San michele all’Adige, Italy

  • Historical backdrop
  • Illustrative example of a PIWI grape variety by FEM
  • Current challenges and processes, as well as the key players involved
  • Brief glimpse into the future

Silvia Vezzulli has been working as a Senior Researcher at FEM since June 2022. Her research focuses on breeding and genetics, structural genomics, molecular biology, plant-pathogen interactions, and botany.

Silvia Vezzulli

4. PIWI International: Entwicklung & Vision 2023 mit länderübergreifender Strategie

Diego Weber und Alexander Morandell

Ausklang: Diskussionen zu den Vorträgen und darüber hinaus.

First PIWI Summit – Januar 2023

Die Themen und Repräsentanten

Plant Protection Measures in Changing Times – are we prepared for the Green Deal?
Dr. Wolfgang Häußler Weingut 2H

Podcast von Diego Weber mit Wolfgang Häußler zu dem Thema – Deutsch

Best Practice – Red wine from PIWI-grapes –
Remo Räz – Weingut Roland Lenz Schweiz (PDF)

VBUNG Technology – Vitalie Popa (PDF)
My name is Vitalie Popa (Winemaker/Inventor) and I would like to present VBUNG Equipment and VBUNG Technology to you.
VBUNG Equipment is a sustainable stainless steel bung that seals the Custom Wooden Barrel while maintaining control over oxidation, contamination and evaporation during making and/or aging Wine, Beer, Cider and Spirits. Laboratory and/or tasting samples can be taken out of the barrel using pressurized food grade N2 gas without oxidation, contamination and evaporation.
VBUNG Technology: No Added Additives and Preservatives during Aerobic and/or Anaerobic Maceration, Fermentation, Malolactic Fermentation and Aging under Continuous SAFE Positive and/or Negative Pressure with Sunlight in Custom Wooden Barrel with VBUNG Equipment.

→ Podcast by Diego Weber con Vitalie Popa – English