Die Präsentationen und Aufzeichnungen sind für Mitglieder hinterlegt im Mitgliederbereich.

Unser zweiter Online PIWI Summit fand statt am Dienstag den 30. Mai 2023 von 18:00 bis 20:00 Uhr (CET).

Der PIWI Summit wird in englischer Sprache abgehalten, aufgezeichnet und als Skript im Mitglieder-Bereich zur Verfügung gestellt. Hier findet ihr auch die Präsentationen vom 1. PIWI Summit.


1. Brave New Wines- The Potential of Fungus Tolerant Cultivars in the Tropics

Wolfgang Schäfer, Tropical Viticulture Consultats GmbH

  • World Wide Vineyard Acreage in the Tropics: Asia, Africa, South-America and Australia
  • PiWi are a largely unexploited way of sustainable grape production in the tropics
  • Experiences of some 10 years with 24 PiWi cultivars in Thailand
  • Vegetation Cycles of early ripenimg PiWi cultivars: 3 Season & 2 Crops per yearwww.tropical-viticulture.com

2. Beyond the wine bottle: A look into pack innovation and how to leverage it!

Christina Schwörbel-Binn, marketing consultant

The keynote presentation will provide a brief overview of packaging innovation in the wine industry and highlight opportunities to put it to work for you.

Christina Schwörbel-Binn is Marketing Professional with over 20 years of marketing and communications experience in international corporations. Self-employed since 2021, founder & managing director of Compagnie Crémant and freelance consultant for consumer-centered brand strategy and innovation across the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Based in Berlin.

compagnie cremant

Christina Schwörbel-Binn

3. About classical resistance breeding and new grape varieties

Silvia Vezzulli, Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM), San michele all’Adige, Italy

  • Historical backdrop
  • Illustrative example of a PIWI grape variety by FEM
  • Current challenges and processes, as well as the key players involved
  • Brief glimpse into the future

Silvia Vezzulli has been working as a Senior Researcher at FEM since June 2022. Her research focuses on breeding and genetics, structural genomics, molecular biology, plant-pathogen interactions, and botany.

Silvia Vezzulli

4. PIWI International: Entwicklung & Vision 2023 mit länderübergreifender Strategie

Diego Weber und Alexander Morandell

Ausklang: Diskussionen zu den Vorträgen und darüber hinaus.

Der nächste PIWI Summit ist in ca. 3 Monaten.

First PIWI Summit – Januar 2023

Die Themen und Repräsentanten

Plant Protection Measures in Changing Times – are we prepared for the Green Deal?
Dr. Wolfgang Häußler Weingut 2H

Podcast von Diego Weber mit Wolfgang Häußler zu dem Thema – Deutsch

Best Practice – Red wine from PIWI-grapes –
Remo Räz – Weingut Roland Lenz Schweiz (PDF)

VBUNG Technology – Vitalie Popa (PDF)
My name is Vitalie Popa (Winemaker/Inventor) and I would like to present VBUNG Equipment and VBUNG Technology to you.
VBUNG Equipment is a sustainable stainless steel bung that seals the Custom Wooden Barrel while maintaining control over oxidation, contamination and evaporation during making and/or aging Wine, Beer, Cider and Spirits. Laboratory and/or tasting samples can be taken out of the barrel using pressurized food grade N2 gas without oxidation, contamination and evaporation.
VBUNG Technology: No Added Additives and Preservatives during Aerobic and/or Anaerobic Maceration, Fermentation, Malolactic Fermentation and Aging under Continuous SAFE Positive and/or Negative Pressure with Sunlight in Custom Wooden Barrel with VBUNG Equipment.

→ Podcast by Diego Weber con Vitalie Popa – English