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Italien - Venetien


The 2013 is the beginning of a new adventure for the Giannitessari. Headed by Gianni Tessari a well-known name in the wine fields of Verona, signing since the Eighties successful wines, acknowledged with international awards.
It owns 55 hectares of vineyards distributed in three DOC (Roncà for the Lessini, Soave and Sarego for the Berici Hills), a modern cellar with about 7,000 meters and 350,000 bottles produced for a total of 15 labels. These are the numbers of a reality that under the guide of Gianni, with the help of his wife Anna Maria and their daughters Valeria and Alice, combines different terroirs full of personality.
Great Soave, expression of the volcanic soil; red wines with great balance, from the Berici Hills clayey terroir, and the sparkling Lessini Durello characterized by the minerality and fineness of the Monti Lessini.
A new challenge for Gianni; the one of expressing his abilities as winemaker through the comparison with three different and complementary terroirs: Three territories, one passion.
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REBELLIS - 2021 - Gold Bewertungsbogen nach PAR
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