Sweden says yes to farm sales of wine

Swedish wine producers had every reason to celebrate the Swedish National Day on 6 June.
The Swedish Wine Tasting event kicked off on Monday; Two days later, the government opened the [...]

PIWI areas in Germany

Text: Barbara Richter (M.Sc.), Andreas Stutz, Sabrina Stutz – Source: German winegrowing 9/2024

PIWIS – How the vineyards of the individual varieties have developed.

In Germany, in 2022, a total of [...]

Swedish wine industry goes international

This summer, Sweden will host its own 1976-style “Paris Wine Tasting,” pitting Swedish wines against international wines. The tasting is part of the effort to promote Swedish wine [...]

Vision Mosel – a new PIWI movement...

Our vision…

We are an association of wine-growing companies from the Moselle that are involved in the cultivation and development of new, robust grape varieties.

The way…

we would like [...]

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