PIWI odrůdy v Německu

V Německu bylo v roce 2022 osázeno celkem 2,049 ha TOP 10 bílými PIWI odrůdami a 1,878 ha TOP
10 modrými PIWI odrůdami. To činí celkem 3 926 ha. [...]

World of flavors at PIWIs

SENSORIK Aroma profiles of wines made from PIWI grape varieties as a marketing aid and means of increasing acceptance.

Text and illustrations: Angus Price, Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki and M.Sc. Barbara Richter, Geisenheim University
Source: the german wine industry 21/2023

Wine, [...]

Development of PIWI vineyards in Germany

PIWIS – current status of the vineyards and significance of the individual varieties.

Text: Barbara Richter (M.Sc.), Geisenheim University; Andreas Stutz, Sabrina Stutz
Source: the german wine industry 13/2023

In ddw 10/2022 there were already eight white ones [...]

Mondial des Vins Extremes 2023

The PriMo 2022 wine, made from Solaris grapes in Forni di Sotto at an altitude of 865 meters, has won the gold medal at the international extreme wine competition, the Wines [...]

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